• I AM...

    An individual who is passionate to help, teach, and lead others. And maybe one day become President of the United States of America. #AintMostPeople

    A good friend of mine said it best, “Benny, you ain’t most people.” I beat to my own drum and I am not afraid to separate myself from the crowd. I am a believer in change because the status quo bores me. I know that the world is constantly changing and time does not stop, so there is no reason to be stubborn about change. Being “normal” is a characteristic I do not endorse because what is normal in a world that is so diverse anyway? My background can be compared to a mutt, a mixed breed. Father, born in America is German/Russian and Jewish. Mother, born in the Philippines is Filipino, Chinese, Malaysian, and Spanish, while being a very religious Christian. The background and culture I was raised in has made me well-rounded, understanding, and appreciative. I enjoy listening and learning, but more importantly I believe that what is gained should always be shared. I do not set limits because why would I want to limit myself from opportunities? I set high goals that are meant to challenge. The greater the challenge means more to be learned, accomplished, gained, and shared. I, Benjamin Zenker from Bensalem, Pennsylvania who currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area is passionate about helping, teaching, and leading others.


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  • What I AM Up To

    I like to keep myself pretty busy, and these are just some of the things I am up to currently. If you want to see what I have done in the past check out my resume! Click here for my resume.

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    Ain't Most People LLC

    CEO, Founder, and Principal Consultant

    Life is too short to not take risks that will not only advance yourself, but grow your opportunities to help and better others in their opportunities.


    Ain't Most People is a social consulting agency rooted in who I am as an individual. I truly believe my purpose on this earth and my gift is the ability to connect with and help others. So why not start as social driven agency to do just that. Ain't Most People's mission is to foster opportunities for organizations, communities, groups, and individuals that are making a difference.


    Know of any organizations, communities, groups, and/or individuals that need help fostering their opportunities? Want to learn more about Ain't Most People? Check out www.aintmostpeople.com.

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    Asian & Pacific Islander Alumni Network (APIAN)

    Immediate Past Chair

    I am a believer that it is never too late. And it was not too late for me to connect with my cultural roots, while at the same time giving back even further to my alma mater. Thanks to a dear friend, Michelle Le who is one of the founders of APIAN for believing in me and bringing me onboard to be part of the leadership team for APIAN! I will not let her down and will build off the already strong foundation she has created for the organization. I am excited to be serving and volunteering my time with the amazing leadership team to continue fostering community for Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs) at American University.

    • Acting Chair | January 2021 to February 2022
    • Chair, Student Advocacy | July 2018 to December 2020
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    In The Moment Photography

    Owner and Lead Photographer

    As you have read, my cultural background is a mixed bag, but has strong ties to the Philippines, and because of this I cherish that Filipinos live life "in the moment." They take in everything, they enjoy the experience, and they make memories.


    My Filipino background holds strong in the business' obligation to ensure you can live in the moment while also having these moments captured not just in your memories, but in photos.

    Let's live life in the moment together!


    Check out all the moments captured here: www.inthemomentphotographybybz.com


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  • My work

    I have done a lot of work in my young life so far. My mindset is one of public service, which means I am willing to help whoever is in need at any given moment. The work of a public servant is not always documented, and is done in an altruistic manner. However, there does come times when a public servant has to either tell their story or exhibit examples of their abilities. Here is a brief showcase of my work...


    I consider myself to be a Swiss Army Knife, someone who is versatile and ready to take on whatever challenges may come my way. There are many skills that I am ready to share to add value and make a difference for others, but here are a few of my most valuable skills (MVS)...

    Event Planning

    Project Management

    People & Culture / Operations Management

    Community Building & Outreach

    Marketing & Communications

    Brand Management

    Process Creation

    Social Media

    Adobe Suite

    Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

    Microsoft Office

    Public Relations


    Public Speaking



    Volunteer Management

  • My Work

    I have done a lot of work in my young life so far. My mindset is one of public service, which means I am willing to help whoever is in need at any given moment. The work of a public servant is not always documented, and is done in an altruistic manner. However, there does come times when a public servant has to either tell their story or exhibit examples of their abilities.

  • Ben believers

    Having individuals by your side through thick and thin who have grown with you is crucial in life. These are some of the individuals who have faith in me, not just for the work I have done to assist them, but more importantly for believing in who I am. 

    Gabe Pinkney

    Sarah Bernson

    Sunwest Silver Co Inc,

    Operations Manager

    Ben is an amazing creative partner in his ability to understand a vision and contribute to the planning and execution so that vision comes to life.... Whether you utilize Ben to help run your organization or for photography. He is an excellent team player and will add to your project and team.

    Anitra Gallegos

    Anitra Gallegos

    Panorama Middle School,


    Benjamin Zenker is a phenomenal individual who works hard and is dedicated to helping people. He is both knowledgeable and compassionate. I have come to rely on Ben as a professional I can go to for a myriad of needs....

    Bryan Allen

    Bryan Allen

    Representative Tina Davis,

    Chief of Staff

    Ben excels independently or as a good teammate working in a group setting. He also showed no fear or intimidation in taking on leadership roles....

    Allie Bassetti

    Allie Bassetti

    Columbia University Women's Basketball,

    Assistant Coach

    The last thing I believe separates Ben from other people I’ve worked with is his forward thinking, openness, and willingness to work with others. I felt he really puts an emphasis on accepting and promoting diversity and providing equal opportunities and fairness for Women’s Athletics....

    Dr. David Baugh

    Dr. David Baugh

    Aspen School District,


    He is hard-working, dependable, and focused on excellence. He possesses excellent communication skills....

    Daniel DeHollander

    Daniel DeHollander

    McDaniel College,

    Associate Director of Career Development

    I have always been amazed by Ben’s consistent willingness to support student groups...Ben has demonstrated the ability to establish and maintain partnerships that are mutually beneficial....

    Madison Hayes

    Madison Hayes


    When a group, cause or idea resonates with him, Ben completely roots himself in it and works tirelessly to make it better....

    Tanya Kelly

    Tanya Kelly

    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs,

    Program Analyst

    Mr. Zenker was my guiding light into a new world. He has a natural instinct to coach and mentor those around him. He has amazing energy and passion for the work that he does, and puts his heart and soul into everything....

    Jackie Murray

    Jackie Murray

    Colgate University

    Asst. AD, Marketing & Fan Engagement

    Ben Zenker is a go-getter and is determined. Nothing stops him....

    Elizabeth Nelson

    Elizabeth Nelson

    Thomson Reuters,

    Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

    Ben demonstrated an abundance of innovation, dedication, and teamwork....If I had the opportunity, I would hire Ben again knowing he would make a positive contribution to my organization and team....

    Bailey Roe

    Bailey Roe

    Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP,


    Apart from being personable and easy to work with, Ben has an eye for detail...We were incredibly fortunate to have him for our event and I would without reservation recommend him to friends and colleagues alike.

    Rachel Southall

    Rachel Southall

    M&T Bank,

    Relationship Manager

    His altruistic and enthusiastic work style has shifted the way we work...In my six years at American, I have never worked with anyone like Ben....

    Ryan Bridges

    Ryan Bridges

    SVN | Urban Properties,

    Associate Advisor

    Ben possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude when taking on tasks with positivity and a smile.... He has

    specifically taken time to make sure that all of his peers feel valued and are aware they have something they can offer...

    Alexandra Toma

    Alexandra Toma

    Peace and Security Funders Group,

    Executive Director

    Ben was an incredible partner for our fundraiser.... He volunteered his time for a good cause and - even though we weren't paying him - he did top-rate work!

    Emma Wallace

    Emma Wallace

    American University Athletics,

    Head Coach Women's Lacrosse (Former)

    He always went above and beyond to assist the needs of my program. I would consider Ben to be one of the most helpful and proactive people that I have come across in my time here at American....

    Gabe Pinkney

    Gabe Pinkney

    American University Athletics,

    Public Address Announcer

    Ben is a great communicator, has a passion for helping people, and has a keen eye for detail....Ben has a great work ethic that stems from his ability to connect to people. I recommend Ben and encourage you to get to know him, not just as a professional, but as a genuine person​....

  • Reaching Out

    Have questions, comments, or concerns? Want to have a casual conversation? Then just send me a message! This message board is connected to my personal e-mail, so I will get back to you promptly. Cannot wait to hear from you and connect!